What food should I bring to childcare

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When packing your Childs lunch it can cause a lot of unnecessary anxiety when thinking about what to put in their lunch box.  

If your service does not provide meals it will be necessary for you to pack a lunchbox of healthy food and snacks.  Nutrition is a significant contributor to healthy brain development as well as encouraging exploration and enquiry.  From the moment we are born we are hardwired to first see what things taste like!

When packing your child's lunch please consider the following guidelines:

  • 1 piece of fruit that can be shared with other children in service
  • unsweetened dairy (such as milk, yogurt and cheese)
  • Chopped carrots, celery and capsicums with or without dips.
  • Wholegrain's rather than processed foods
  • Something with protein is important for brain development. 
  • Limit Jam and Vegemite to once a week.
  • limit biscuits, chips and other foods with excess trans fats and salt to special occasions (not every week)
  • No sweet biscuits, lollies, juice or fizzy drinks.

You may also be notified of any food restrictions at your service due to anaphylaxis.

We appreciate you taking the time to prepare a healthy lunch for your child.  Your efforts ensure that our children maintain appropriate energy levels without the highs and lows that can be linked to sugars.

If you are looking for other ideas, you can access heaps of useful resources from the Better Health Victoria website.

If you are an inspired cook and looking for simple recopies we have a number of books and resources available in our shop Dragonfly Toys.  Please see below: